Shree Ram College, Rampur came into being on the 1st August 1979. The necessity of such an institution in this locality was belated and its initiation realized the long cherished dream of the populace.
              With the financial help of the Gram Panchayat, Rampur it started functioning under old asbestos shed. Initially the college also received monetary help from some other Panchayat surrounding Rampur but soon it explored its own independent source of income and grew by leaps and bounds. Which began as an intermediate college with two streams-Arts and Commerce- is now a degree college of considerable repute imparting teachings in Arts, Commerce, and Science. This has been achieved by the collective efforts of a group us highly qualified teachers, a dedicated staff of ministerial and innumerable well wishers.
              The tall two storeyed building of the college stands on the bank of the main canal near Mayabarha surrounded by a sprawling campus accommodating hostel, cycle shade, play ground and a few quarters for the staff. Since 1984 the college is enjoying the status of a direct payment college and is included in the 2(f) category by the University Grants commission,
              Like a white sea-liner in the ocean of lusturous green, Shree Ram College waits to pioneer the building youths in to the frontiers of knowledge and self rewarding life

              A crest is the official insignia of an institution which succinctly projects its hopes and aspirations.
              Designed like a trophy, which otherwise resembles a human heart; the crest of Shree Ram College, Rampur conveys the message that this institution is the heart of learning in this locality. At the same time it reminds all concerns to strive for the best.
              The crest is divided in to three sections. The upper part with a burning lamp atop an open book symbolizes openness of education and perpetuity of knowing. The painting and waiting materials placed on either side of the book stand for the promotion of art, culture and creativity among the learners. The two other sections below typify the faculties of Science and Commerce. A space-craft against the back drop of our silhouetted planet in the left flank signs the glories of modern Science and technology. The sailing ship in the right represents trade and commerce.
              A hymn of unity and equality from the Rig Veda-“SAMANO MANTRAH SAMITIH SAMANI” inscribed at the base is more relevant at a time when our very existence is threatened by disintegration and disharmony.

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